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Guest Blogger: David B Guest (pet owner & Oximunol 50 Day Challenge participant)

First of all, I want to state up front that I have written much of the copy that Avivagen uses in their material about Oximunol.

I work as a copy writer for their agency, McCormick Global Communications. (You can blame me for “More zoom. Less groom”).  As part of my background briefing on Oximunol, I read a lot of the research results that Avivagen has obtained for the product, and also had the opportunity to question the company’s management and technical staff about Oximunol.

I’m as skeptical as the average consumer, and likely even more so as it’s part of my job to develop a credible message about the products and services our clients deliver. Part of this process is to identify and address any potential objections the end user might have.

Most consumers, myself included, have seen health care products that are long on promises and short on research and fact to back up the claims.

Secondly, my wife and I have a ten-year-old chocolate Lab named Holly, who is a shedding machine. Anne would have to Swiffer around the edges of our hardwood floors every two days to keep on top of the accumulating fur that roamed around the house like tumbleweeds!

So when I reviewed the material on Oximunol, I was very intrigued by the research results showing a significant decrease in shedding.

Unlike some of the other blogs posted here, mobility is not the biggest issue with Holly. She does suffer from arthritic pain and reduced mobility, but treatment with Metacam and glucosamine seem to have this under control for now.

With agreement from our own vet and advice from Avivagen veterinary staff to maintain Holly’s current medication regime, we started Holly on Oximunol. This week, we completed 50 days of the treatment.

By the time two weeks rolled around, we were already seeing a reduction in the amount of hair accumulating on the floor and other surfaces. Our visiting adult children also began commenting on how much better Holly’s coat looked and felt; petting her no longer resulted in a tuft of fur building up on the leading edge of your hand.

At 50 days, the reduction in shedding is very significant… We’re guessing it’s only about 1/4 of the amount Holly used to shed.

Anne no longer feels compelled to Swiffer every couple of days. Holly’s coat looks shiny and feels softer as well.

There have been no side effects and Holly’s energy level is great. I can’t honestly say if she has increased energy or mobility as we have continued her other treatments as well.

I am now fully convinced that dog owners who experience substantial shedding from their pets will find Oximunol a great relief. We plan to keep Holly on it.

Thanks Avivagen, from Holly and her owners!

David B, Ontario


“Holly’s shedding has decreased to virtually nil at this point.  No appreciable accumulation even  after a week following the previous sweeping.  My last note said it might be 1/4 of the previous amount, but it is now much less.  She’s still on Metacam, but we’d like to drop off the Glucosamine when we run out.”

Learn more about Oximunol Chewables by visiting the Avivagen Animal Health website: http://www.avivagen.com


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Guest Blogger: Jill Rybak (pet owner & Oximunol 50 Day Challenge participant)

Dante & Dakota

 I want people to know about my dogs. 

I have two purebred Labrador Retrievers. We have had them since they were 7 weeks old and, apart from a day trip to see a friend and a wonderful week last May to see Alaska, I have been with them their entire lives. Their walk schedule is pretty simple: I walked them twice a day and my husband walked them once a day until he retired. Now, they have one walk from each of us and the third is split between the two of us.

Dakota is our Tigger; Dante, our Eyore

Dakota has always been healthy. He is our Tigger. He has had one ear infection and sprained his leg a couple of times that usually requires a day or two of down time to heal. He is so healthy that when he was a year old he had a head on collision with a ten speed bicycle and walked away. The bike, however, ended up in “bike heaven”!

Dante, unfortunately, is our Eyore. He has always been sickly. When he was a pup (about 6 months old) the pads on his paws became so swollen that it took me an hour to walk him around the block. His ears are always full of wax and he has a permanent limp.

The two dogs have always weighed within a pound or two of each other but Dante always looks to be about five pounds heavier than his brother. People usually assume that Dante is the parent of Dakota.  The boys have a room that is theirs upstairs. There is a futon in it for them to sleep on but Dante stopped going up there at least two years ago.  For the last couple of months, by lunch time, he needs someone to get behind him and boost him up the four stairs from the back yard. He is not fat, just losing mobility. Dakota is always willing to walk but Dante will do one walk willingly.  The (second walk) he needs me to leash him and drag him around, and the last (walk) he usually pretends to be asleep and, being fed up, we usually pretend to believe him.

A new pill that helps shedding, mobility and overall energy: Oximunol Chewable Tablets

My daughter, Katrina, was speaking to one of her clients, Graham Burton (one of the researchers responsible for discovering the health benefits of oxidized carotenoids), who was testing a new pill for dogs (Oximunol Chewable Tablets). It was supposed to reduce shedding in dogs and had one side effect – increased energy! He wanted to know if I would be interested in participating in a trial for the pills (Oximunol 50 Day Challenge).  Of course I would love not to have to vacuum so often but was mostly excited to participate in order to see if it could help poor old Dante.

“Miracle at our house!”

The boys have been taking the tablets for 16 days now and I want to let you know about the MIRACLE at our house!  Dante has started waiting at the back door for someone to take him for a walk!!  If he sees one of us going near the door, he watches to see that we are just going out to feed our filthy habit and not trying to sneak out without him.  Only once in the last week did he forgo a third walk!  I used to pull him around on the third walk and now he is pulling me! We like to walk them off leash as much as possible and used to have to wait for him to catch up.  Don’t turn around any more because you’ll fall over him!

Back to walking the stairs!

And the stairs – Dante does the back stairs by himself, I swear with a spring in his step!

I am glad that I am writing this to you so that you don’t hear the tears.

I cannot thank (Avivagen Animal Health) enough for allowing us to participate in this (Oximunol 50 Day Challenge) trial. It is giving Dante the life that he deserves.  I would be happy to tell anyone with doubt that this is a wonderful thing to be doing for their dog.

~ Jill



I hope you are sitting down!

Guess who was on the futon when I got up in the middle of the night Saturday?!  THIS is the milestone I was waiting for!  So happy you can’t measure it!!  

Thank you so much for giving this back to Dante!!

Love, Jill

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