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This week’s theme = Summer Fun!

Kelso shows us how to stay cool and refreshed when the temperatures start to climb.

KELSO’S STORY (by mommy Danielle)

One day back in March 2001, I decided to go to visit the animals at the local shelter not necessarily looking for a dog.  Well, after seeing this 3 month old little brown fluff ball, it was love at first sight and I just had to bring him home.  He turned out to be the smartest little puppy ever, was housebroken within a couple days and learned to sit, stay and lay down so fast that I told myself “Well he definitely isn’t dumb like Kelso on That 70’s show!”  So the name Kelso stuck!

It’s a good thing that I love this boy because Kelso turned out to be a “lemon” of a dog!  He has/had multiple health issues ranging from hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, bladder stones, very bad food and environmental allergies and most recently a heart condition called dilated cardiomyopathy.

Kelso has never been a very high energy dog mainly because of his bad hips and thyroid issues, but even so, throughout the years, we’ve enjoyed doing many activities together such as regular daily walks, jogging/biking, agility classes just for fun, swimming and so on.  But after 11 and a half years, Kelso is getting very tired and is a lot happier just being a retired old man lounging around in the house.

Due to Kelso’s heart condition, I know that I don’t have much time left with him, and although it makes me sad to think that I will have to say goodbye soon, I am very happy to have so many wonderful memories of this one of a kind dog to smile and look back on.  He truly is the best 🙂



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I’ve bred Rough Collies for many years, and about 7 years ago decided to buy a dog from another breeder, someone whose animals I had admired for a very long time.  My youngest daughter and I went, initially to look at puppies of a different colour and gender, but came home instead with a sable and white boy – 13 weeks old – who was absolutely stunning!  We called him “Phoenix” for  the phoenix named “Fawkes”  from the Harry Potter stories, and he also answers to the nicknames ‘Pooh, Poohie, Poohie-dooie and Handsome’.

The plan was that he would get me back out into the show / obedience rings again, but it quickly became apparent that while I was ‘okay’ in his mind, his heart belongs 100% to my daughter, Meaganne, who loves him back just as much.

Phoenix is 7 1/2 years old, and at present he is our oldest dog.  He has a number of official CKC titles, as well as several unofficial ones too.  Meaganne suffered a nasty spinal injury 15 years ago that has left her with chronic pain, among other things.  Phoenix has become her ‘unofficial’ service dog.  He will pick things up for her, when she can’t reach them, and seems to know just when she really needs pressure or heat along the length of her back.  He will lie, stretched out along her whole body for hours.

Phoenix is gracious enough to allow her to share HIS double bed, pretty much whenever she wants to, especially if she is settling in with a book and  SNACK ( potato chips, sandwich, cheese slices, etc.)   If he feels she is not sharing enough of her snack, he is most willing to paw her or woof at her – just in case she hasn’t noticed the 80 lb furball drooling all over the bedding…..

Phoenix loves to have a job to  do , whether it is retrieving his dumbbell, doing ‘jumpies’, or posing for photos.  His favourite job at the moment is picking up everyone’s bowl after they are fed.  Once he’s brought them to us in the correct order, he gets a treat.  He also really enjoys playing with our other two dogs.  He likes to search through the doggy toy box until he finds just which toy he wants to play with, and on occasion will even put them all back in the box when asked to do so.  Going for van rides, especially to  ‘schoolies’ (obedience classes) are also favourite things to do.

He is  always willing to share big old wet Phoenix style ‘lickie – lickies’ with any bare piece of human flesh he can find, whenever he thinks he can get away with it – not so affectionately referred to around here as being ‘Pooh – gooed’  If he has an itchy spot, he ‘talks’ to it the whole time he scratches.

He is a really sweet boy, who genuinely enjoys being around the people in his family all the time, especially his own personal  human.  He likes to sniff the flowers in our gardens, reminding us of the ‘Ferdinand the Bull’ story.  He makes us smile and laugh at all his antics all the time.   We are so lucky to have him in our lives.


Thank you to Phoenix’s grandma for the wonderful write up!

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