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1. OxC-beta, is a novel, intellectual property protected complex formed when beta‐carotene spontaneously and fully reacts with oxygen.

2. OxC-beta contains NO Vitamin A and NO beta-carotene

3. The OxC-beta beta‐carotene oxidation products have existed naturally in the plant world for many millions of years and their wide dispersal inevitably involves continual, everyday exposure of animals via nutritional or respiratory means.

4. The implied safety of the long history of exposure to beta‐carotene oxidation products in OxC‐beta is supported by safety testing carried out in animals by Chemaphor (Avivagen’s parent company).

5. OxC‐beta has been found to display a unique combination of immunological properties, notably, priming of innate immune function, the first line of defence, especially under situations of stress, while being able to limit inflammatory conditions.

6. Benefits of OxC-beta supplementation in dogs include major improvements in coat behaviour and quality, and, in older dogs, revivals in mobility, energy levels and interest in activities. 

7. Trials with swine and poultry have shown that low parts‐per‐million levels of OxC‐beta in feed produce results comparable to those of a conventional antibiotic.

8. A proof of concept study in rainbow trout has shown OxC‐beta incorporated into feed enhances innate immunity by increasing the respiratory burst and bactericidal activity of leukocytes.

9. OxC‐beta itself has no antimicrobial activity but may increase expression of immune receptors for a more rapid and adequate response to incipient bacterial infections, which, together with any effect upon existing inflammatory conditions, could help reduce any energy‐sapping, growth‐inhibiting side effects of these situations.

10. OxC‐beta is functionally and cost‐competitive with in‐feed antibiotics and therefore a strong candidate for consideration as an alternative in the low‐risk veterinary health product category.

11. OxC-beta supports a normal and healthy inflammatory response by promoting balance between mechanisms involved in triggering inflammation and those involved in resolving it

12. OxC-beta increases the abundance of “good” bacteria in the intestines which promotes a healthy gut; this is called a “pre-biotic” effect


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