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Dog arthritis

As your dog begins to age, he may start to show signs of stiff joints and muscles.

Arthritis affects one in five adult dogs, and is the most common source of chronic pain found in dogs.

Arthritis is when the protective cartilage of the joints breaks down. Common areas affected are the hips, knees, shoulders, wrists, neck and elbows. Normally, arthritis is simply caused by the wear and tear of a dogʼs everyday life.

There are a number of symptoms to look out for when dealing with arthritis. These symptoms include:

 Sleeping often
– Decreased interest in activity or play
– Hesitancy to jump or climb stairs
– Favoring a limb, or limb lameness
– Difficulty in sitting or standing

If you notice any of these symptoms, your dog may have arthritis. Once arthritis has been properly diagnosed, there are a number of home remedies available to help ease the pain your dogʼs joints.

Apply Heat

Applying a warm compress to your dogʼs joints will help to ease the pain. Heat will penetrate deep into the muscle to the joint for relief. Just be cautious with heat pads, as you donʼt want to burn your dog.

Keep Him Warm

This is especially important on cold or wet days. Cold weather may cause the joints to be especially stiff or swollen. Add an extra blanket to his bed or let him sleep inside the house. Adding an extra pillow will also help keep him comfortable and ease pain in the joints.

Raise Food and Water Dishes

This is especially important if your dog has arthritis in the neck or shoulders. Bending down may cause tension and pain, so raising his food and water dishes will help him to eat pain free.

You may notice a weight loss during arthritis, and the pain to eat may be the source of this.

Keep Your Floors Slip-Free

Your dog may struggle when walking on hard wood floors. If you notice this, consider getting a rug for common areas he plays or rests.

Using different cleaning products on the floors may also help.

Massage Therapy

You can do this at home or take your dog to a professional. Massages provide relief for sore, inflamed joints and will help to loosen these areas up.


Exercise should be regular, but not too strenuous. If your dog wants to turn and go back home after a short walk, let him. The key is constant exercise, but keeping it light and short. Swimming is a great form of exercise as well.

Weight control

A healthy diet is extremely important for your dog during arthritis. Getting rid of excess weight is beneficial for your dog, as he wonʼt have to carry any more weight around on his joints.

Home remedies along with veterinarian treatment and proper diet will help to ease pain for your dog during arthritis. The number one thing to remember is that your dog cannot tell you what is wrong with him. It is up to dog owners to watch for possible signs and keep up with regular veterinarian visits for a healthy and comfortable life.

You can learn more about arthritis causes, symptoms, treatment options and home remedies at www.dogarthritisresource.com


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