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With Canada Dayand then the Fourth of July, just around the corner, pet parents everywhere are gearing up for a memorable long weekend complete with sun, fun and, of course, fireworks.

While the bright explosions of colour that light up the long weekend sky might thrill us two-legged folks, it can cause quite a bit of distress to our four-legged friends.

Watching your best friend shiver, shake, drool and hide can be difficult to watch but there are steps you can take to make the holiday celebration safer for your favourite furry friend.


If your pet is one of the many that find fireworks terrifying be sure to speak with your veterinarian before the long weekend arrives to find out if there are any medications or supplements that can help make the firework celebration less stressful for your pet.

Natural alternatives, such as Homeopet Anxiety, BioCalm, D.A.P and Feliway Diffusers, may  help your pet feel at ease without any worry of the side effects that come with stronger prescription medications.


One product that is a must-try for parents of frightened pets is the Thundershirt, a unique product based on the work of Dr. Temple Grandin, an author and professor at Colorado State University.

Much like swaddling a baby, the Thundershirt applies gentle pressure to specific points on your dog’s body to help him/her feel more secure and calm.  I have seen this shirt work on my own dog and can attest to the seemingly magical powers of the Thundershirts.


Dogs and cats left alone may panic at the explosive booming of fireworks and try to escape the noise, which is often when accidents happen.  A better solution is to provide a “cave” for your pet; place your scared pet in their crate or a safe room in your house.

Lowering the blinds and turning on the radio or television can help drown out the sights and sounds of fireworks and make the Canada Day experience less stressful for your furry friend.

If your pet sees that you are calm this will also ease their anxiety.

With a little planning and consideration you can make the Canada Day celebrations fun for all members of your family!

How are you and your pet planning to celebrate Canada Day?


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